Darling Girl Cosmetics: review and swatches

Hello hello!

Again, it has been a while since my last post…been a busy bee 🙂 But I do have some nice stories planned, so don’t give up on me just yet 🙂

I love discovering indie makeup companies and I’d like to share my newest finding with you guys. Actually, it was a fellow blogger that first introduced me to this brand several months ago. She had a review of some of their mineral loose eyeshadows and they looked so amazing on the photos, that I instantly made a mental note to check out the website and pick a few beauties for myself.

Eventually, a couple of weeks ago I visited the website of Darling Girl Cosmetics and decided to pick a few shades to try out. What I consider a really great advantage with indie makeup companies (this one included), is that one very often gets the option to order a sample size, before committing to a full-size product. And most of the time, those come in very reasonable prices! I ordered a couple of loose eyeshadows in petit size ($2,50 per jar). Be aware that, as this is a small indie company it may take somewhat longer for your order to arrive, in comparison with more popular, main-stream brands.

Since my collection is quite sizable, my idea was to only select unique shades, something interesting and with a twist. And luckily, the choice Darling Girl offers is considerable 🙂

Let me show you the shades I got, plus the two extra they added as a present:

jars swatches

They are truly beautiful! I used a few of them for this rainbow-y look:

collage 2

First of all, the petit-s come in these cute little plastic jars with the Darling Girl Cosmetics logo on them (unfortunately, one of the jars arrived with a smashed cap…not too bad but I will eventually have to transfer the product…these things can happen). Even though the jars are small, they do have sifters …pretty impressive :)!

Now, let’s talk about the shades:

Chick Flick and Wicked Sweet Treats were the bonus shades I got. I haven’t used either of them yet, but you can judge from the swatches how beautiful they are. Chick Flick is a black based purple with purple glitter, and  Wicked Sweet Treats is a lovely blue-green turquoise eyeshadow.

Hell Hath No Fury (haha cool names too) is a gorgeous burgundy plummy shade, which I wanted especially as a topping for my Bourjois Prune Nocturne colour edition cream eyeshadow. I wore it in a look a few days ago, and I loved it!

Ermahgerd! (I swear that is how it’s called!!!) is my personal favourite. What you cannot see on the photo, is that this stunning pastel orange shifts into lime green in the light. Ever so slightly! Simply amazing and sooo beautiful! Can you tell how in love I am with this eyeshadow already hahaha?!?!?

Bubbles is a duochrome for the lazy days: a champagne which shifts into turquoise. It looks much prettier in real life! I think it would be great as a highlighter, or as a lid shade with a bit of liner on lazy days. That way you don’t have to do much, but it still isn’t a flat, boring neutral either 😉

Donger Need Food is another amazing duochrome, a soft chocolate brown which transforms into green in certain light. Another great colour to use when you feel like spicing things up a bit!

And last, but not least, Dirty Limerick: “a light green tinged yellow with flashes of turquoise to blue to violet” (as described on the website). I paired this shadow with Donger Need Food. It turned out to be a pretty combo…But given the properties of this beauty, my guess is that it would pair greatly with many other shades.

The quality of the eyeshadows is fantastic. They apply and blend really well, they stay long (over an e/s base, I always use one) and they will certainly get you plenty of compliments on your makeup 😉

One thing I’d like to stress here is that this company offers really unique shades, almost giving you the feeling of custom-made colours…especially the duochrome/colour-shifting ones 😉 Absolutely stunning!

So which of these eyeshadows is your favourite? Do you also like duochromes?

If you are a fan of one-of-a-kind shades, I highly recommend you check out the website of Darling Girl Cosmetics! Have fun!

See you soon!