Darling Girl “Queens of Horror” Swatches and Tutorial

Hi guys!

So, in case you have missed it on my youtube channel and just generally in life, I have 2 new videos with delicious swatches, as well as a makeup tutorial, featuring the Halloween collection from Dalring Girl – “Queens of Horror”. As usual, I love all the shades and Susan has a done a great job with some definite stand-outs.

Find out what these are in my swatch video:

And, if you liked Married To The Macabre as much I did, then head right to the tutorial with it:

See you soon!


Darling Girl OUAT Wicked Is Coming mini collection: Swatches and Demo

Hello lovely readers!

A while ago DG released a collection based on the OUAT series with the idea of doing mini collections all throughout the year. The first one was called Fairy Tale Romance and was inspired by Emma’s love interests. Back then I did a swatches/demo type of video and figured I liked it, so I decided to stick with this format for future releases as well.

Well then, the time has come for the second installment: Wicked is coming

Guess who that is based on?! 🙂 Anyhow, if you would like to find out what new pretties are being released and a little demo tutorial using them, please click play:

See you soon!


Koi Makeup Tutorial feat. Darling Girl and Glamour Doll Eyes


I posted another tutorial yesterday. It was inspired by another one of the diamond dusts from Darling Girl. This one is named Koi and I fell for it really hard, haven’t been able to stay away from it ever since I got it. I always feel like I am wearing tiny diamonds on my eyelids whenever I use it. The look is quite bright, but there are multiple ways to tone it down, so hopefully you will enjoy this tutorial and fall in love with Koi just like I did:

Till next time!