Episode 8 of The Indie Diaries: Darling Girl Unboxing

Hi guys!

Welcome to the next episode in my youtube series – The Indie Diaries. After what seemed like a whole eternity (due to my impatience mainly!), my Darling Girl order arrived. Let’s open it together!

A few short words before I link the video. In mid-September, Darling Girl released 2 new collections – The Black collection (inspired by the show Orange is the New Black) and the Who Ya Gonna Call collection (based on the Ghostbusters movie). Even though, I was much more familiar with the references from OITNB and the shadows in it are amazing, I did pick up pretty much the whole Who Ya Gonna Call eyshadows – why? Well, find out =>

There were, as you saw, some additional goodies too 🙂 Everything in this pink envelope was beautiful and I did already use a couple of the shades. Here is a makeup look I did with Don’t Cross the Streams (the dark blue) and There is No Dana (orange):

eye_3Don’t Cross the Streams is simply put – mind-bIowing! The sparkle in it is just so gorgeous and so magical, that it broke my heart a little when I had to take off my makeup at the end of the day 😛 🙂

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Indie Diaries! See you next time!


Darling Girl Cosmetics swatchfest!

Hi guys!

Well, this is it..it is officially autumn…I want my pumpkin soup now :D!

In my previous post I hinted that this entry would be a big Darling Girl swatchfest, and I reckon it will turn out to be exactly that…and more… 😉 I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard to make swatches haha, but this little indie brand deserves it, and a bit of effort on my side was the least I could do to support them. And, no, they are not paying me or giving me free stuff to say that. I have purchased everything you will see myself over the past half a year. I simply love Darling Girl! The products they offer and the overall aura of this indie brand appeals to me, and has turned me into their devoted fan. Not to mention what a lovely, sweet person Susan, the owner of Darling Girl Cosmetics, is.

Normally, I like to babble and describe the eyeshadows I show you with my own words, but this time I will let the photos and videos, yes there is video footage ;), speak for themselves. The quality of each and every shadow is amazing, and I have not been disappointed even once. I will say though that I do strongly recommend application of DG eyeshadows over a base, such as Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae. Then the eyeshadows will really shine in their full glory and unveil their complexity to you. DG offer the Primped and Primed primer and their Glitter Glue (which is the equivalent of Pixie Epoxy) as alternatives. Unfortunately, I do not own these…planning to in the future, but from what I have read by other people, both work really great as bases. I don’t know what makes Pixie Epoxy or the Glitter Glue so magical, but trust me, there is a significant difference in what you will experience over a random primer and these guys. Shortly, something like going from, “Nice!” to, “WOOoooW!”

Even though I am a bright-colours-kinda gal, I managed to pick up both neutrals and brights. The reason being, Susan doesn’t make boring neutrals..just really awesome ones. Hopefully you enjoy this image-heavy post.

First let me show you how I store my pretty DG shadows:

box_2 box_3

Basically this is a tool box/hobby box/whatever-you-wanna-call-it box . All of my loose eyeshadows are stored in this way. I do not have space for my own makeup corner yet, my home is pretty small…so for now this is quite a convenient solution.

This box will eventually contain only DG goodies, but for now My Pretty Zombie shades inhabit it as well. Some of the eyeshdows are in their original jars, others were transferred from baggies to jars that I bought online separately. There are a couple of eyeshadows in here that were a GWP = gift with purchase, so I am not sure they can be found in the permanent DG line.

A word of warning – a lot of the photos are not in focus…And that was on purpose. It sometimes helps to see the duochrome effect or the pretty sparkles better. I remind you that all swatches were done over Pixie Epoxy. And now…

Let the swatchfest begin 😀

Group 1 contains: Basket Case, Grasshopper, Pink Nightmare and Norman Reedus Fangirl.

Basket Case, Grasshopper, Pink Nihgtmare and Norman Reedus Fangirl_2

Basket Case, Grasshopper, Pink Nihgtmare and Norman Reedus Fangirl_3Basket Case, Grasshopper, Pink Nihgtmare and Norman Reedus Fangirl_1

Group 2 includes: I Myth You, Serendipity, Treasure Map and Anam Cara.

I Myth You etc_1 I Myth You etc_2 I Myth You etc_3

Apart from Anam Cara, all the other three shades in this swatch group were GWPs. At this point, I figured that this post may benefit from short video swatches as well, so hereby, please enjoy my very first ever youtube upload (be kind, I am a YT virgin!): 

Group 3 consists of: Seven Days Later, Tapestry of Obscenities, Sandworm and Oily Variety Bohunk.

Seven Days Later etc_1 Seven Days Later etc_2 Seven Days Later etc_3 Seven Days Later etc_4

And the video link:

Group 4 includes: Inferno Room, Silly Sea Lion, Dandelion, Lovelorn and Mercurial.Inferno Room etc_1 Inferno Room etc_2Inferno Room etc_3

Video link here:

And finally the last group has only 2 eyeshadows – Leaping Lizards and Hot Rocks. Both are perfectly gorgeous 🙂

Leaping Lizards and Hot Rocks_1 Leaping Lizards and Hot Rocks_2 Leaping Lizards and Hot Rocks_3

You can find the video swatch here:

If you are following me on FB or IG, you have already seen plenty of these guys being used in makeup looks. I will nonetheless make a post about it here on the blog too 🙂

Also be sure to check out the website of Darling Girl Cosmetics and pick a few beauties for your collection by clicking here

Let me know how you liked this swatchfest post and especially the video part of it. Is it worth doing in the future as well, or do you think the photos say more than enough. And of course, which are your favoutire DG shades? Mine are too many, so let’s not go there 🙂

Thank you for reading and see you soon!