July 2015 Empties AND Second Birthday!

Hey guys!

Apparently, it is my second birthday here on wordpress, so YAY! I never keep track of these things, but wordpress does and they reminded me of this wonderful event.

In retrospect, so many things have happened in the past two years and believe me when I say, I had no intention, clue or agenda when I started all of this. I just woke up one day and figured writing a makeup blog might help with my depression (I was kinda down at the time). I am not even sure I like the name Longlivemakeup anymore, but inconsistency drives me crazy, so I think I’ll stick to it for now :). I am really glad my blog developed the way it did, and the course it took towards a youtube channel with a little something to make it special and unique…namely indie makeup.The world of indie makeup has been really kind and welcoming to me (thus far), and has put me in contact with so many lovely people I like to think of as my friends. I can’t say where this road will take me, but so far I am enjoying the journey tremendously!

And, since you’re here for an empties video, here is it =>

Much love to all you lovely readers, and till soon!