Empties, volume 1

Hello everyone!

Yaaay, I have finally collected enough trash to show you hahaha 🙂 Normally people do, “the month and empties”, but I don’t think I will make it to have empties more than every half a year or so…I will just share my crap when enough of it has piled up!

Let’s take a look at my cosmetic bin:


I’d say fairly descent…considering I also forgot to save the tubes of my Vichy makeup remover, a big bottle of The Body Shop Satsuma shower gel, and a tube of Max Factor False Lash effect mascara..my trash minus 3 then. It’s difficult to remember NOT to throw stuff away. It’s just such a natural desire: to want to get rid of crap asap, right?!

Anyway, shall I show you one by one, and tell you what my experience has been?

Ok, so first of all:

1. Olaz Total Effect 7 in 1 day cream (SPF 15)


This product was my first from the brand. To create unnecessary confusion, Olaz is called Olay in some parts of the world. Keep in mind then: OLAZ = OLAY.

I really loved this cream! So much, that I am already on my second bottle…I started using it in the end of last August, and although it’s technically a day cream, I use it during the night. The reason being, I prefer my Seaweed mattifying day cream from TBS during the day.

The cream has plenty of good ingredients on the list, feels very lightweight and sinks into the skin quite quickly…without leaving a gross fat layer on the skin (which had always been my experience with creams thus far).

I think my skin feels a lot better since I started using this cream (I could be imagining it though). I have seen some improvement in my most pronounced wrinkles (around the mouth) and a lot less redness of the skin.

Definitely, the best face cream I have used so far!

2. Olaz anti-wrinkle eye contour gel


Well, I don’t know about the wrinkles…I don’t think mine have decreased. But, as I torture my eyes quite often, the sensitive skin there definitely needs care. I always used this gel before going to bed in the evening, to make sure that in the morning the skin of my eyelids is soft and ready for the next splash of colour hehe. It did the job! I am currently using another Olaz eye cream, but that will be the topic of discussion in a next empties volume.

3. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem face wash


Lovely product! I used to be a fan of the Tea Tree face wash from TBS, but after a while it started drying my skin and I had to switch to something else. I chose this one kind of randomly, but I definitely did not regret it.

The Himalaya Neem wash lasted me for a good half a year (daily use, often even twice a day). It had sort of a gel-like consistency. A drop was enough to make a good foam, so it was very economical too. It felt really soft on the skin, and never caused any dryness! Overall, a good buy!

I have moved on to Korean products for this purpose nowadays, but more on those…when I finish them 🙂

4. Etude House Wonder Pore freshener (total pore solution 7 in 1)


Speaking of Korean cosmetics, I ordered a bunch of those small bottles from ebay…just to try. I have pores and blackheads, so decided to give it a go.

First of all, I have to say that doing business with the Koreans has been a very positive experience. My package got lost (for like 4 months!!??!), so they sent me another one free of charge. A few days ago the lost package arrived and that’s how I ended up with a bunch of those cute little bottles! (No worries, I paid the second package after all! Trying to be a decent person here :))

Umm, I don’t know if this tonic does anything for my skin, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. For what is worth, my skin feels clear and fresh after use. I normally apply it after taking a shower (mostly in the evening), when my pores are opened…assuming that’s the optimal time to clean them…Afterwards, I apply the Olaz cream..NO idea whether that’s the correct way to do it, but I just go with my intuition.

5. Missha perfect cover bb cream #23


To continue on the Korean theme, I am squeezing out the last bits of my Missha perfect cover bb cream. I use this bb cream in my daily life (as you already know from my “get ready with me” posts). I have done a full review of my Korean bb creams here

Korean bb creams seem to get along very well with my skin and skin tone, so for as long as I am still wearing my winter paleness, I will keep using those!

6. Essence I love stage eyeshadow base


Another product I have reviewed before => click.

I have kind of moved on to other eyeshadow bases now, mainly because this one doesn’t give me the longevity I am looking for. E/s start creasing after 4-6 hours over this base on my oily lids, and given I have discovered better e/s bases, this one got pushed a bit in the corner. What I do like about it though, is that it has colour so it evens out the skin tone. Also, it doesn’t dry out the skin of the eyelids (which the more long-wear e/s bases tend to cause), so blending is a bit easier.

Well, that was it…my cosmetic trash!

Do you have experience with any of these products?