Episode 4 of The Indie Diaries: Fyrinnae collection

Hey guys!

So next up on the indie series is Fyrinnae. If you are new to my blog: I am doing a series on youtube, called The Indie Diaries, about my favourite indie makeup brands. Scroll down to find the episodes on Concrete Minerals, Darling Girl Cosmetics and Brazen Cosmetics, or just go to my youtube channel where I have a playlist entitled, surprise surprise: “The Indie Diaries” :P.

Today’s guest star is Fyrinnae. There is a long overdue post I have to do on some additional eyeshadows that I got in the meantime, since my previous post on Fyrinnae, which you can find here. Not to mention, I’d like to write separately about Pixie Epoxy once…some day, ah…But I do show them all in this video, so if you have 10 min, go ahead and click “play” =>

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