Mortal combat: budget vs. high-end glitter


Do you like glitter? I do! Love it actually…It can easily take a smokey eye from ordinary to glamorous…just like that, in one simple step! If you don’t believe me, you should try it once 😉

So, then let’s talk about glitter for it is an interesting topic indeed…

I have quite a few glitters now, and still a few are on the way. They range from cheap (Chinese stuff from ebay), to average-priced (LA Splash) to high-end (MAC, Make Up Forever, Inglot) and the question is => is there a difference?

The best way to decide it is to show you, right?

Let’s start with the Chinese and LA Splash Cosmetics glitter.


As you can see, in the jar they all (red is Chinese no name glitter, the green and fuchsia glitters are LA Splash) look very nice and sparkly.

Now, given the price difference – a pack of 12 glitters from ebay cost me around 5$, whereas a single jar of LA Splash glitter is 6$ – I expected a difference in quality. Sadly, that turned out not to be the case 😦 What’s in the jars from ebay feels exactly the same as the more expensive LA Splash version…Both give you the impression of finely-cut confetti. Of course, given the main ingredient is PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) perhaps I should have seen this coming…

Both of these “glitters” really need something to stick to, otherwise they fly all over the place and DO NOT stay on your eyelid.

I tried making swatches just to show you what I mean. Below, La Splash’s Fuchsia Fusion and Pineapple Coral glitters (over Essence e/s base, otherwise they fly around immediately):


Do you see what I mean with finely-cut confetti?

Fortunately, I also have three high-end glitters in my collection: MAC Reflects Pearl, Inglot Body Sparkle #65, and Make Up Forever (referred to as MUFE from here onwards) diamond powder #14, meaning we get to compare them to the lower-budget ones 🙂


These three glitters are completely different animals, guys! They have another texture, they stick to makeup even without an additional base, and give that subtle extra glam to your look…

Maybe a photo will deliver the message better – swatches of Inglot and MUFE glitters over Essence e/s base:


Do you see the difference with the lower-budget glitters?

I am all about budget alternatives, but in this case, I will have to give it to the more high-end brands. True, they are more expensive, but they are a better worth of your money.

Don’t get me wrong, the confetti-like version can be acceptable…I mean 5$ for 12 glitters on ebay, no shipping costs…for the occasional user of glitter, or for the sake of experimenting, why not?!

What I do not accept, however, is repackaging those same glitters and selling them x more expensive with a brand name! (I am not angry, just disappointed)

With this experience at hand, my advice to you would be: if you would like a nice jar of glitter to use on occasion, get yourself a mutli-purpose high-end glitter (for instance, MAC Reflects Pearl can be sprinkled on pretty much any look) :).

See my detailed review of LA Splash and Eye Kandy glitters here.


P.S. I recently ordered a few glitters from Eye Kandy Cosmetics, which are also in the average price range…Fingers crossed they are not a let down! I will keep you posted on the topic.