Inglot products review…or, how Alice totally found Wonderland!!! (part 1)

Hi everyone!

I am back in town :)..and with a long post at that!

I had a wonderful trip and among other things paid a long-coveted and dreamed-of (literally, not joking!) visit to a very well-known Polish brand store for makeup: INGLOT.

Inglot has earned itself quite a positive reputation amongst beauty bloggers, vloggers and other such creatures who happen to be obsessed with makeup. I had read so many wonderful reviews about their products that clearly, I had to get me some Inglot goodies sooner or later.

A little heads up: Inglot products tend to be much more affordable when bought in Eastern European countries…I know, that sucks, right! And, we’re talking big differences here :O! Anyway, a visit to Bulgaria was naturally the best option therefore.

I visited the Inglot store in the Serdika Mall centre in Sofia. First of all, let me begin by complimenting the customer service there. I was treated respectfully and got all the help I needed. The girl who works there basically swatched everything for me on herself, so that I didn’t get my hands too dirty. And if I did, I could immediately wipe it off with a wet makeup removing tissue. Upon discovering that she had given me a wrong e/s, later on at home, I went back to the store and had absolutely no issues returning the wrong e/s and picking something else. So, all in all, two thumbs up for customer service in Inglot Sofia 🙂

My mind was already set on getting a Freedom System palette. This basically means you get a palette and all the eyeshadows that you wish, separately, and assemble them in any way you please. Full freedom, hence the name 😉

I chose for a 20 e/s palette which I filled in only half for now:



The palette itself is quite sturdy, the e/s attach magnetically and so does the plastic lid on top (with Inglot written all over it). You can also use the magnets on the lid to pull out the e/s, if you wish to remove them from the slot or check the exact number of the e/s. It takes some getting used to working the magnetic lid, I have to say. It happens every now and then, that I accidentally pull out an e/s….so far nothing has fallen or broken, but my heart stops in its tracks each time hahaha. To be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t for the silly wish to have Inglot written on the palette, I’d probably prefer a Z-paltte. Whatyagotta do :P?! I will get used to it eventually.

The eyeshadows come in a square pans, and on average weigh ~2,5 g  (meaning you get quite some product). They have a silky texture and blend like a dream. I will be using them quite a lot in my future makeup looks, so you will get to see them all “in action”. From my experience so far (I already showed two looks on my FB page using these beauties), applied over a base they remain 8-10 hours without creasing; even the matte ones, yes! They feel absolutely amazing and, oh well, I will admit it:  I am already hopelessly in love with them :).

I have 8 single colour, and 2 rainbow colour e/s. They are mostly matte, or matte with a bit of sparkles.  The rainbow e/s are so cool! They cost only an euro more than the singles, and you get three hues of the same shade in one pan.

Here are the swatches of the single colour e/s applied over Essence I love stage e/s base:Image

If I got it right, #616 and #614 are brand-new in their collection.

And those are the swatches of the rainbow colours, applied over Essence I love stage e/s base:


Perhaps you got tired of reading this, but I cannot stress enough how pigmented and silky these e/s are! They are a bit powdery when you take them on the brush but apply effortlessly on the lid, without fallout, blend beautifully, and have very satisfying staying power.

If you get a chance, try out some Inglot e/s. I guarantee, you will not regret it!!!

The prices of all the products are as follows:

  • Empty 20 e/s palette – €15
  • Single colour e/s – €4,25
  • Rainbow e/s – €5,25

(Just FWY, in the Dutch Inglot store, a 5 e/s palette with 5 single colour e/s costs around €35…you do the math).

I still have 2 more Inglot goodies, which I will show you in the second part of my “Alice totally found Wonderland” series. Stay tuned!

Do you have anything from Inglot? What is your experience with it?