Sugarpill and Inglot Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys!

It has been literally a year since the last time I rambled about Sugarpill here on my blog…in fact, I never did a review of my Heart Breaker palette (which I got already last summer…oeps!). You know, I have gone down the lazy road, and prefer to make videos nowadays :).

Last week, I found a new youtube channel that I really enjoy watching; it’s called Kittenmoustache, and in one of her videos the girl was wearing a really lovely rainbow look. That made me realize how long it’s been since I used my Sugarpill quads and Inglot eyeshadows, so armed with inspiration I decided to film a rainbow look tutorial!!! Instead of loose indie eyeshadows, I used all matte brights and slapped on some glitter in the very end (to remedy my uneven eyeliner :P). I hope you enjoy it!

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You can watch the tutorial here:

I will see you very soon! Until then…peace out!