New Inglot shades and Makeup Of The Day

Hello everyone!

I am still here, yes…and I do miss blogging. But with my thesis, two trips abroad and some health problems, my mind was just too preoccupied to have any space for my online home. My blogging time will still remain limited, as my thesis is far from being ready…however, my love for makeup has not budged and it needs a means of expression…so please stop by every now and then, for there are posts coming up, just at a lower pace than before 🙂

In the past few months, I managed to get my hands on some more eyeshadows from Inglot to fill my 20-pan palette, which was at the time only half full (remember my post about the first 10 shades here), and that’s what I would like to show you today:

palette all

The last 5 eyeshadows are my newest babies:

new shades  swatches

I would say they are all very pastel, very summery….Perhaps subconsciously I was inspired by the good weather and that prompted me to pick such cheerful colours.

Now, let’s talk about each shadow individually (swatches were done over Art Deco eyeshadow base):

Inglot 429P is a lovely sky-blue, frost finish shade. I have to admit that in the lighting of the store I was a bit misled and took this for a lilac colour. In the pan, it really looks like there is some purple in there, right? It has great pigmentation and applies really well. I have already used it several times…even though it isn’t lilac hehe

Inglot 17 is an emerald green with frost finish. I can also see some gold specks in it when I look at the pan. Very pretty colour! When applied on the lid, it comes out a bit more sheer than on the swatch, but I guess you can layer it according to your preferences.

Inglot 474 is a mid-tone yellow with tiny gold specks in it. It has a matte base and is slightly powdery. The colour pay-off, as you can see, is great. I always apply a thin layer of the NYX JEP Milk underneath it, to make sure the colour comes out as bright as possible.

Inglot 364 is a beautiful pastel yellow. I had been looking for this colour for quite a while now. Most yellows are either darker (like 474) or more golden, rather than yellow. This one is perfect, exactly what I had in mind! It is 100% matte and also on the powdery side. Still the pigmentation is more than satisfactory.

Inglot DS612 is a gorgeous pastel orange with tiny specks…another shade I had been trying to find for a long time. Again matte based, slightly chalky, but very pigmented…. such a soft, amazing colour! It pairs really well with 364 (as you are about to see). I think this colour is so versatile…it can be used all over the lid, as a highlight, but also for blending in the crease area. And I bet, it would look splendid on just about everyone 😉

I used 364, DS612 and 429P in this makeup look:

eye_1 full face_1 full face_2

Hmm, do you also notice something different about me? 😛 Yes, I had my hair cut (I do that every few years…let it grow and then bam! go short suddenly). Also, I changed the colour. I am really into auburgine purple now! Dramatic changes in one’s hair style can make such a great difference in how one looks..and maybe even feels. In my experience, it is always a refreshing change 🙂

What I used:

  • Art Deco e/s base
  • NYX JEP Milk
  • MUG e/s Frappe
  • MUG e/s Cocoa Bear
  • MUG e/s Beaches and Cream
  • Inglot 429P
  • Inglot 364
  • Inglot DS612
  • Shiseido trip palette (orange shade)
  • Sugarpill e/s Flamepoint
  • Essence gel eye pencil (navy blue)
  • Concrete Minerals Saint (to set the pencil and kind of do a smudged, soft wing)
  • KIKO Super colour mascara blue #02 (bottom lashes)
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara


Well, that was it for now! I look froward to your comments about the new shades, the makeup look…my new hairdo :), or anything you want to share really.

See you soon!


KIKO haul and review

Hello everyone!

Last weekend I finally got to visit the beautiful city of Cologne. I haven’t been around Germany all that much, even though it’s right across the border, but my few experiences have been extremely positive. Warm atmosphere, cafes and restaurants buzzing with life, of course my beloved dm, and let’s not forget all the other lovely stores…

The one guest starring today is KIKO. Most of you perhaps already know this brand; it’s an Italian makeup brand originating from Milano. I have been in a KIKO store only once before, when I visited Rome several years ago. The quality of the products is quite good, especially given the price range is pretty affordable.

Visiting a store dedicated to makeup is always a really fun experience for me…Sephora, Inglot, KIKO… could easily be my described as my personal version of Disneyland. I go in, and as my husband likes to say “your eyes light up”. I go into a state of pure frenzy…seriously!

Most of all, I need to restrain myself from throwing everything on the display in my shopping bag 😛 As far as this KIKO visit goes, I think I did pretty well because I had set my budget to €20 tops, and not a cent more!

So what did I get for the 20 bucks?

collage all

  • 2 Super Colour mascaras (#02 and #03)
  • eyeliner pen
  • gorgeous blue nail polish
  • Colour Shock long lasting eyeshadow (#106 Custom Sugar Green)

I have been a fan of colourful mascaras even since I can remember…some of my first makeup possessions were actually a blue and a brown mascara. As usually the case with these babies, they give colour, but you should not expect much more from them. The Super Colour mascaras are no exception. I got a turquoise (#03) and a blue (#02) one. In the misleading lighting of the store, I unfortunately mistook the blue for purple…..Years ago I had a purple mascara from GOSH, and I have been trying to find something similar ever since. I have not succeeded yet.

Overall, I am happy with the KIKO mascaras. The colours are lovely and subtle, they apply well…That being said, your lashes will get neither length, nor volume. Not a problem for me. I will use these mascaras every now and then, for a pop of fun…after all summer is coming! And that’s all they are meant for to begin with 🙂

I don’t have a whole to say about the eyeliner pen and the nail polish. They are both great!

I would like to share a tad more about the Colour Shock e/s in Custom Sugar Green with you though:

collage green liner

I think I was also the most excited about this product. Why? Well, as you might know, I use mint green plenty in my makeup looks and I figured using a similar colour as a base would intensify the shades even more than the NYX JEP Milk does. When I saw this little jar, I squealed with joy.

It is supposed to be a cream eyeshadow/eyeliner. As you see from the swatch the colour is gorgeous! Once you apply a thin layer of it, it dries quite quickly.

This is where my feelings for this product become mixed…

First of all, the texture reminds me more of a mousse, rather than a cream. It’s just not thick enough to be an eyeliner. I tried applying it that way, but to make the colour come out, I used a lot…so it ended up looking bulky and flaky. It also felt heavy and unpleasant on my lids.

This is the look I attempted with it, inspired by the beautiful Ahitsrosa.


A few days later, I tried using the Colour Shock e/s as a base for CM Detox (mint green loose e/s, one of my absolute favs), instead of NXY Milk…However, it didn’t live up to my expectations. The e/s didn’t attach very well and was not as vibrant.

I am sure that I will eventually find the perfect use for this fabulous green’s just too pretty to lay neglected in my makeup stash.

Anyhow, I had a great time in Cologne and am enjoying my new KIKO goodies.

Do you own anything from KIKO? Which is your favourite product from this brand?

And last, but not least, happy Easter holidays everyone!!!



Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette: review and looks

Welcome back!

So, after a considerable amount of hesitation, deliberation, procrastination, and even more hesitation, I made up my mind about….which Sleek i-Divine palette I would like to obtain. Ha! And you thought I was about to reveal what I’d like to become when I grow up.  (30 doesn’t count as a grown up yet, right?! Yes, I thought so…I am so glad we agree! :P)

I know, I know, Sleek i-Divine palettes are not exactly expensive (€9,90) so I didn’t really have to make such a fuss of the whole “which one do I want most!???”, but then again, when one is confronted with so much choice it somehow becomes more difficult to pick, instead of the other way around. Go figure!

Anyhow, I am now the proud owner of the Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette :). Looking back at all the looks I have posted so far, it won’t come to you as a surprise that this palette is quite bright and colourful. I love colours, sue me! There were a few others I liked as well, such as the V2 ultra matte darks – a classic…A friend of mine has it, and I have played with it (Ciao Manu!!! Un bacio grande!!!).

Snapshots is a really cheerful palette and I am very satisfied with the pigmentation and overall quality of the e/s. As always with Sleek, the e/s are a bit on the powdery side, but that does not bother me. Just flick the brush to get rid of the extra product and you are good to go. I had been looking for a lilac shimmery e/s for a while, and this palette had it, so I think in the end that was the reason I got Snapshots.

I will not swatch all the e/s because many have done it already and you can easily find this info online, maybe even on the Sleek website itself (they sometimes even have swatches of all the e/s on different skin tones..very cool!). I will now proceed to show you my new looks.

The first one is called “Summer gives way to autumn”:



Full list of products used:

  • Essence I love stage e/s base
  • Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette
  • Makeup Studio liquid eyeliner (brown)
  • Makeup Studio mascara #2 (brown)
  • Essence longlasting eyeliner #2 Hot Chocolate

The second look I named “Lilac” for I love the smell of lilac, and I got to use the lilac shimmery e/s for it:




What I used:

  • Essence I love stage e/s base
  • NYX JEP Milk
  • Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette
  • KIKO eye pencil #103
  • Catrice Glamour Doll volume mascara

Well, that was it for now! I hope you like my interpretation of the Sleek Snapshots palette 🙂

Till next time!