Review and swatches: LunatiCK Labs Zombie Defense palette

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Wow it feels like a whole eternity ago that I last wrote an actual blog post!!! It has actually made me miss blogging :). I have a very exciting review for you today! Those of you who are subscribed to my youtube channel, may have already seen the unboxing video I did of my very first LunatiCK Labs palette. Now, I had been lusting after LunatiCK Labs palettes for quite some time before actually ordering one. Mainly, I was hindered by the Customs regulations here, in the Netherlands. Goods coming from the US (or outside EU) are subject to import fees once they exceed the price of €22. Sucks right! And I learned this lesson the hard way too, last year when I bought my beautiful Makeup Geek Ultimate eyeshadow pallete and had to pay an extra €40 to Customs (my heart still cringes at the thought :P!!!).

Anyhow, the LunatiCK Labs palettes cost $35 and I didn’t want to risk it. Luckily, if you follow the brand on fb and IG, you are bound to see the day when they have a sale. Flash sales are very common, and an excellent opportunity to score a product that would normally get you in trouble with Customs. So, I got the Zombie Defense palette in a $10 off deal a few months ago :D!

If you don’t know anything about LunatiCK Labs, let me shortly introduce the brand. It’s an indie, specializing in SFX and neon shades, their products are cruelty-free, vegan and talc-free. The whole company has a very dark, horror-movie-like appeal…I always feel like I landed on a Frankenstein movie set, when I go to their webpage.

They offer loose eyeshadows, an eyeshadow base, lip products and…the coolest-looking palettes I’ve ever come across in the makeup realm!!!! Seriously! You don’t believe me? How about a coffin-shaped palette with a bat-shaped mirror inside, bam, in your face! And, convinced? No?…Let’s bring in the photo material then, shall we:

Zombie Defense packaging_1 Zombie Defense packaging_2 Zombie Defense packaging_3

All palettes come with 5 (pre-selected) shades inside; there is an option to create a custom-made palette with your colours of choice, but those are often excluded from sales.  Moreover, the company offers quite some choice, varying from neon to neutral palettes, so all individual needs and preferences can be satisfied.

Each eyeshadow in the palette comes with a plastic presser (as shown on top of the black shadow in the photos). The reason for this is that LunatiCK Labs shadows have a very interesting texture…They are literally, not kidding, the softest thing (not just eyeshadow) I have ever touched! They feel like silk! The downside is that because of their unique texture, these eyeshadows are also very fragile. Enter the plastic pressers: if the shadow gets too powdery or, god forbid, it breaks on you, don’t panic! You can easily fix that by just pressing it back into shape ;). Works like charm!

I would also be careful travelling with these palettes…

Zombie Defense packaging_4

I chose the Zombie Defense palette because it contained the largest number of shadows that appealed to my soul. There is only one eyeshadow that doesn’t quite tickle my pickle, and that’s the black one, simply because I am not into black shadows and already have a similar shade. All the other colours are very much up my alley!

Let’s proceed to swatches (done over Art Deco eyeshadow base):

swatches_1 swatches_2

The eyeshadows are pigmented, blend easily, have splendid coluor pay-off, and are long-lasting…shortly, superior quality eyeshadows, probably the best pressed eyeshadows I have ever had the pleasure of smearing on my eyeballs!!!

BBRRAAIINNZZ is a cool-toned, blue-leaning purple with a satin finish. I absolutely love this shadow! This is the kind of purple I always fall for. It’s not a one-of-a-kind type of colour, you can easily dupe it…but it remains superior nonetheless!

Gain Green (get the pun?!) is a mid-tone, blue-based green, which is all kinds of amazing. It ranks among the most unique hues of green that I have ever encountered. Definitely no dupe I can think of for it! It has a satin finish and looks soooo flattering on brown eyes!!! My love affair with this shadow will be a long-lasting one! I did use it in one of my youtube tutorials fairly recently (Grandma’s Gaingreen) and I have a look with it in the end of this review.

Red Rum Red (again a cool pun in the name, red rum = murder spelled backwards ;)) is a deep burgundy red with a satin finish. It looks like wine in a pan! So gorgeous!!!

The End is Near is a matte black with rainbow glitter. I do like the shade, but given that I own Stella by Sugarpill, which is literally the same eyeshadow but in a loose form, this is redundant in my stash.

Amberzombie&Ditch (sorry for the typo in the swatch photo!) is a matte royal blue. Again, not a unique shadow in terms of colour, but if you do happen to be a royal blue fan (like myself), this one will blow you away!

Since I have been playing with these pretties for a while now, I do have some makeup looks to show you too:

The first one features: Gain Green, BBRRAAIINNZZ and Amberzombie&Ditch:

eye_1 eye_2

In the second look, you can see Red Rum Red in the outer corner and crease area.

There is really nothing negative I can say about this palette, because I am so in love with it <3! I wish the eyeshadow names were written on the palette itself, as my handwriting isn’t exactly exemplary. However, this is hardly a complaint worth taking into account when you  makeup your decision to get one of these palettes. Rather the dilemma should be: which one(s) do I get! 😛 😀

If you wish to check out  LunatiCK Labs, you can do so by clicking hereHave fun!

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Grandma’s Gaingreen makeup tutorial feat My Pretty Zombie, LunatiCK Labs and Makeup Geek

Hi guys,

Today’s tutorial is for a really colourful blue and green based makeup look, using some indies and Makeup Geek (which does not quite qualify as indie, if you ask me ;)).

In my October favourites video I mentioned how much I am loving my Zombie Defense palette from Lunatick Labs, and the shade Gain Green, more specifically. It is just the most gorgeous green ever!!! I combined with a My Pretty Zombie shade, which I had not used in a while: Grandma Cleavage. Then one thing let to another, and I pulled out the Electric gel liner from Makeup Geek – a fabulous royal blue awesomeness that deserves more love :P!

You can see how the look turned out here:

I hope you enjoyed it!