No Mirror Makeup Challenge! aka. Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial :P


I am so, so behind with my posts here!!! Sorry! I will have to update my blog in the next few days, but I thought I’d start by linking you my latest video:

Truth be told, I have like another 3-4 videos that I need to tell you about, but I keep forgetting to do it. If you like my videos, I’d really urge you to subscribe to my youtube channel, because sometimes it does take me somewhat longer to throw the links here.

See you soon!


What’s in my bag?

Hello dears!

After the tons of tutorials that were coming your way lately, I figured it’s time to do something different :). I had been planning this video for quite a while now, but didn’t get around to it until yesterday. I am not sure that “What’s In My Bag?” was technically a tag, but who cares?! Let’s just find out what kind of crap I carry around with me on a daily basis :P…because some of it, or to put it more specifically, the quantities of some of it, is just plain ridiculous!!!

You can watch the video here:

Till next time!