I am a DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all!!!

It has been really quiet here lately, and I believe a lot of you know the reason, since I announced it both on Ig and my Fb page. But, for those of you who didn’t know it yet => last week was my doctoral dissertation defense! After 7.5 years of literal blood, sweat and tears, my PhD student tribulations came to a successful end. On April 30th, at approximately 17.45h, I was crowned with the highest degree one can achieve through education – a PhD (in (bio)medical sciences)!!! It was an extraordinary day,  the aftertaste of which I will enjoy for quite some time ahead.

To start with, my parents came from Bulgaria, to be present at the ceremony, so we did a whole lot of really fun (touristic) things the whole week. We went for instance to the Keukenhof, a huge spring flower park…mainly dedicated to tulips, which attracts hundreds of tourists each year. I had myself never been there before, so I appreciated the new experience, despite my general aim to stay away from crowds with cameras and selfie sticks (and those were richly supplied at the Keukenhof!).

A few random photos so that you get an idea of the place:

20150426_123429 20150426_123812 20150426_125053 20150426_150333 20150426_150422 20150426_151633

On the day of the defense, the family of my hubby came to our house around lunch time. Everyone got dressed up, put on makeup…or suited up (in the case of the gentlemen). I of course put on A Doctor’s Dream – the beautiful diamond dust that Susan, the owner of Darling Girl, made for me especially for the occasion. I also used shadows from Notoriously Morbid and Brazen, because I wanted to have a lot of my favourite indies with me …on me, would be more appropriate to say I guess, that day. I managed to snap a quick selfie of my makeup before we took off to the Aula:


Then the ceremony itself went more or less ok. I was quite confident during my presentation, given I had practiced it so many times I could probably recite in my sleep haha! The questions from the committee were quite difficult, and although at times I lost my nerve a bit (and found out I can sweat excessively through my face?!?!), my colleagues, family and friends assured me that I looked calm and managed to regain my composure fairly quickly. Apparently, I can fake it really well!!! You should have been in my head though….panic, panic and more panic dominated my mind for most of the defense!

Afterwards, there was a small reception, followed by a really wonderful dinner at my favourite Italian place together with my family and some of my former colleagues.

All in all, it was a splendid day and, as you can imagine, having completed this chapter of my life fill me with great pride and satisfaction!!! 🙂 🙂 :)….

Ok, that was it for my short life update! Makeup related posts will appear on my blog and youtube channel, as customary, next week!