Get Ready With Me feat. My Pretty Zombie, MAC, Makeup Geek and more!!!

Hi guys!

After my first (failed) attempt at a GRWM video, I kind of quit on the whole idea for a while…Apparently, enough time has passed and I was in the mood for it again :). So, if you’d like to see what I do every day before work (makeup-wise obviously haha), then click play:

Till soon!!!

Easy (everyday) Duochrome Liner Makeup Tutorial feat. My Pretty Zombie

Hello lovely readers!

I have not been here around much, also because I was quite busy last week and in the beginning of this week, had a mild case of the flu. As you know, makeup looks and the likes go mostly on my Instagram and Facebook pages (you can find both in the side bar of this page), so follow me there for some more colourful goodness.

In the meantime, I did record a new tutorial: my take on a everyday, quick makeup look using duochrome eyeshadows! It has been up on youtube for some time, but in case you missed it =>

See you soon!


Grandma’s Gaingreen makeup tutorial feat My Pretty Zombie, LunatiCK Labs and Makeup Geek

Hi guys,

Today’s tutorial is for a really colourful blue and green based makeup look, using some indies and Makeup Geek (which does not quite qualify as indie, if you ask me ;)).

In my October favourites video I mentioned how much I am loving my Zombie Defense palette from Lunatick Labs, and the shade Gain Green, more specifically. It is just the most gorgeous green ever!!! I combined with a My Pretty Zombie shade, which I had not used in a while: Grandma Cleavage. Then one thing let to another, and I pulled out the Electric gel liner from Makeup Geek – a fabulous royal blue awesomeness that deserves more love :P!

You can see how the look turned out here:

I hope you enjoyed it!