Quiet In The Dark Makeup Tutorial feat Notoriously Morbid, Shiro and Aromaleigh

Hi guys!

As promised, my makeup adventures on youtube have gone back to normal and I have actually filmed quite a lot this week…mostly tutorials I must say (as they are admittedly my favourite type of videos to record :D). However, I have planned other videos as well….empties, favourites, that kind of thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

For now, I leave you with this makeup tutorial featuring several indie makeup brands:

See you soon!



Notoriously Morbid March 2015 Vanishing Cabinet: swatches and demo

Hi guys,

My Vanishing Cabinet arrived yesterday and it is awesome!!! I immediately got down to business and filmed my monthly video installment.

You can watch the video here, as usual there are swatches and a demo makeup look using some of the shadows:

See you soon!


Wadsworth makeup tutorial

Hi all!

Ah, I am kind of behind on sharing some new videos that I have uploaded on my channel in the past week…Excuse me!

This makeup tutorial was a spontaneous decision, or rather, the result of a great sunny day and some new Notoriously Morbid pretties that I had received just earlier that day! There was one eyeshadow in particular, Wadsworth, which I just needed to immediately put to use. It was featured in the October Vanishing Cabinet and I accidentally saw a swatch of it on Intstagram…and fell in love! Luckily, I was also able to snatch one of the last remaining jars of it :)!!!

To cut the long story short, Wadsworth, is obviously the star of this tutorial:

See you soon!