Random lipgloss reviews featuring NYX Butter gloss, Essence XXXL Longlasting Matte effect and Hema Longer Lasting lipgloss

Hi guys!

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Back to makeup though…

This should probably have been three different posts, but lazy bones that I am, I just glued them together in one looong, loooong post…

Prepare to be…Lipglossed!!

Lipgloss just happens in life…randomly. I never look for it particularly, or generally lust for more (I have that with eyeshadows :P). Mostly because once upon a time (Not any more! as it turns out) lipglosses used to be this sticky-icky thing that drove me crazy. However, over the course of the last 6 months, a few have found their way to my shopping bag, and I have been enjoying them so much, that I decided to write a praising post in honour of my re-born love for “Da Lipgloss” 🙂

The glosses in question are from different brands: NYX, Essence and Hema. The last one, Hema, is kind of a local store….although rumour has it, there is one in Madrid (yes, in Spain!). Pretty sure Belgium, perhaps even Germany, know of the Hema.


Hema Longer Lasting lipglosses in 02 and 05

hema lipglosses   

Essence XXXL Longlasting lipgloss Matte Effect in 05 Velvet Rose

essence velvet rose

NYX Butter gloss in BLG10 Cherry Cheese Cake

nyx_cherry cheese cake

Let’s start with the NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake (BGL10)

nyx_swatch nyx_cherry cheese cake_applicator

The gloss has a standard doe foot applicator, and comes in a cute tube showing the colour of the gloss itself quite correctly. Mine, Cherry Cheesecake, is orange. Never had any orange lip product before and thought it would be fun to try 🙂

The gloss is quite pigmented, applies pretty opaque and smells like something sweet..I find it pleasant. It is not sticky. In terms of longevity, it’s pretty normal for a lipgloss – a few hours, if you don’t eat and drink. It kind of leaves a stain upon fading, which I like.

This is how it looks like “live”:

nyx look_2 nyx look_3

Not sure, if orange really is my colour, but I am not appalled either 🙂

The NYX Butter glosses come in a bunch of other colours and cost, well, 5$ in the black to noir webstore, or €6.99 if you buy them online from Douglas in the Netherlands (which I did).

Next , we have the Essence XXXL Longlasting lipgloss Matte Effect in 05 Velvet Rose. Now, I had heard a lot about these and was really curious to try one. What really attracted me, is the matte formula.

essence velvet rose_swatch

Velvet Rose is a beautiful, muted, cool-toned pink.

It comes in tube with a doe foot applicator, which by the way, looks weird:

essence velvet rose_applicator

applicator comparison collage

See the difference compared to a regular doe foot applicator (like the NYX one)?

The Essence one is kind of longer and flat…My feelings regarding this “innovative” technology are pretty mixed. I don’t necessarily find it easier to use.

Other than that, I love this lipgloss! It really is a matte well-pigmented formula, so make sure your lippies look at their best before application. It applies easily, and I always blot a bit to help the overall appearance. It smells quite sweet…maybe a bit too much, but personally, I don’t mind. Not sticky!

It is surprisingly long lasting though….especially for the price tag of €2,40.

velvet rose look_1 velvet rose look_2

Overall, a good buy that I use regularly nowadays 🙂

And last are the two Hema Longer Lasting lipglosses.

hema lipglosses_swatches

These glosses come in beautiful packaging, with a standard doe foot applicator. They are really, really pigmented and glossy, as you can judge from the swatches. The colours are gorgeous too. 02 is splendid raspberry red, and 05 is this deep burgundy-plummy awesomeness.

They smell very obviously like vanilla..mmm :). In terms of application, I find them not too difficult, although 05 is a bit more fidgety and applies a bit less opaque compared to 02. 02 applies beautifully! These bad boys are are not sticky at all!!! On the contrary, they sort of feel moisturizing on the lips. On the downside, both have the tendency to “spill” into the fine lines around the lips after some wear-time, so I always keep an eye for that, and clean it up, if necessary.

Longer lasting?…Well, it’s a lipgloss after all. I’d say a couple of hours, maybe longer if you skip food and drinks ;).

The price of these is also very reasonable: €3.50

hema raspberry look_1

I think this raspberry red shade is quite flattering on me (does not go with this makeup look though haha)…what do you think?

hema burgundy look_1

Although I hardly ever wear such dark lip colours, this burgundy shade really makes a statement! It can be really fun to wear!

What are your favourite lipglosses? Have you tried any of these?

P.S. Sorry for the smaller images….that’s because of wordpress being sucky!!!