A trip to Germany and two new lipsticks from p2 :)

It looks like it’s reviews day…

The hubby and I went for a walk to a small town nearby in Germany this weekend. It’s right across the border, and they have a dm there…Mhm, I luv me some dm! You will understand this, if you live in the Netherlands ;)… Walk into Germany and your favourite shampoo costs €1,65….cross that border back to the Netherlands and bam!, same shampoo…€4,50 :O!!!

Anyway, now that I have discovered the heaven that dm is, I enjoy it greatly 🙂

I had never heard of p2 before, but it’s a German makeup brand that you can find in dm. At first glance it looked attractive, so I stopped in front of the stand and swatched a couple of liptsicks..then took two home hahaha:




I’d say for their price (€1,95) these lipsticks are pretty awesome! Super pigmented, not drying, pretty packaging (with my fingerprints all over it lol)…and cool names too: Madison Square and Market Street (I think the lipsticks from this line are all named after areas/streets in NY).

market street

151 Market Street is a very bright Barbie pink (brighter than I expected actually oeeeps!). It feels a bit more creamy in terms of consistency compared to Madison Square. I think it’d make a killer lipstick in the summer, when I get some colour 🙂

madison square

042 Madison Square is a dark berry purple, definitely not as dark as it looks in the packaging but still quite dark. I will have to gather my courage to wear this lipstick out and about. Weird right?! I have no problem wearing outrageous eye makeup, but the lippies get dark, and I get all prude-y..go figure!

Both lipsticks feel really pleasant on the lips, they don’t dry them and the colour lasts quite a while.

Do you have any p2 lipsticks? How do you like them?