My makeup brushes: part 1 (face brushes)

Hi everyone!

A slightly different post today…I would like to show you my (fairly) modest brush collection 🙂 True makeup lovers don’t just have 2-3 brushes. We have at least…I’d guess 10 (and that would be a minimum!). Apart from the need to have different brushes for different purposes, we are also always curious about different brands, varying shapes, natural vs. synthetic bristles etc….and sometimes we buy brushes what the heck, I’ll say it!…just because they are cute.

To avoid having a reaaaally long post, I will split it into two parts:  face brushes and eye brushes.

Part 1, or face brushes, will be the topic of today.

Let me begin with the brushes I have for liquid and cream products (primers, foundations, bb creams, cream blushes and concealers):


From left to right:

  • Real Techniques Expert Face brush – this baby was until recently my only tool to utilize liquid products. As you may know, Real Techniques is the brush line by Sam Chapman from the pixiwoo duo (interested who they are => click). It has synthetic bristles. I think this brush is fantastic! It gives you a very good coverage whilst using the tiniest amount of product (bb cream, cream or liquid foundation). It also works well when applying cream or liquid blushes and highlighters. You can easily use it for contouring purposes too (especially with cream products). A true multi-functional brush! The price of the Expert Face brush differs depending on where you buy it from. On the website of RT it only costs $9, but then again they only ship in the US. I got the brush from an online store here in the Netherlands for €13,50.
  • Liquid foundation brushes (from a Chinese website) – next we have a stippling and sort of a pointy brush, which are both suitable for the application of liquid products. Now, I heard about these brushes in a youtube video…otherwise I don’t imagine it would ever cross my mind to buy Chinese brushes (no offense intended here!) which cost a couple of dollars each, for something as important as the base you apply for your makeup (primer, bb cream, foundation). Imagine my astonishment when I found out that these two brushes do an excellent job! The stippling brush is thick and sturdy enough and you can really stipple the product and work it in the skin with circular motions for a nice finish. The pointy brush is great for getting into small areas (around the nose and the eyes), just use it with more swiping, rather than circular, motions. These two brushes were a great surprise for me! Great job China!!! Each costs $2,35 and there are not shipping charges 🙂
  • A set of four small foundation/concealer brushes (again courtesy of China => click) – these brushes are great for concealing under the eyes, application of liquid highlighter on the cheekbone, concealing specific places…I mean you get the picture, getting into small areas! Also great great brushes!!! The set comes at the whooping price of $5,39 🙂

Now let’s move on to my brushes for application of powder products:


Again from left to right:

  • Real Techniques Setting brush – this brush is great for setting under eye concealer with powder, or just to powder small areas. It works great for highlighting the cheekbone too (powder or even cream/liquid products). I have also used it for contouring…Another mutli-takser from RT! The bristles are bit rougher than the Expert Face brush though. Again, the price varies depending on where you live…
  • Essence blush brush – this is a very popular brush, perhaps most of you even have it. There is not much to say about this brush really, a nice angled blush brush. The bristles are super soft. Due to its shape and size, it is also perfect for contouring with bronzer, or applying highlighter to the cheekbones. I don’t remember the exact price but it’s not more than €2,50.
  • The Body Shop blush brush –  as a true passionate fan of The Body Shop, I will have to admit that I love this brush :). The bristles are very soft, it picks up quite some product so work with a light hand…Also, unlike most blush brushes, this one is a bit more tapered rather than round and fluffy. So, it depends on what you like 🙂 The brush cost €12. (BTW, I forgot to show it in on the photo, but I also have TBS kabuki brush and it is also a fantastic product! I highly recommend it for powder/mineral foundations).
  • Dupe of the NARS Yachio kabuki brush – again the Chinese have been active here haha. I am not in a state in my life (perhaps I never will be) where I can afford a NARS brush that costs €55, so a Chinese dupe will suffice. Plus, it’s a good one…and you can choose to have it either in black or in white. What am I saying?! For $2,70 you can have them both, from here.
  • Bdellium Tools 992 bronzer brush – what can I say, I love Bdellium tools’ great brushes! They are pretty, anti-bacterial, soft and they do their job…and more! This brush is great not only for bronzer, but also for blush. I bought in in discount, but the normal price is around €18…so it’s not a really cheap brush. But then again, if you can get in a sale, it is a great purchase 😉
  • Hema powder brush – Hema is a local store, and that’s their powder brush. It may not be the best brush ever, but it was cheap and it works quite well for me.

Phew, that is turning into a really long post…

Finally, I would like to add that neither of the brushes discussed in this post sheds. I have washed them multiple times (baby shampoo and lukewarm water) and none has lost its shape or suffered any other decrease in quality.

With that I would like to conclude this long long post. I hope it was helpful to some of you and I look forward to hearing what your favourite face brushes are.