Episode 6 of The Indie Diaries: Sugarpill Collection

Hi guys!

I hope you don’t mind that my latest wordpress activities have been mainly dedicated to my youtube adventures. The thing is I am really excited about it and, well, the heart wants what the heart wants :P..so for now, youtube it is!

When I started recording the indie diaries, I was not really sure whether I’d like to include Sugarpill in it…the reason being that Sugarpill isn’t exactly indie in the same way MPZ or Darling Girl are..but then again, Sugarpill and I had such a passionate love affair that I even dedicated a whole week to it on my blog. That deserves a video as well, right?!

So, here it is…I show my Sugarpill goodies and tell a thing or two, just my personal thoughts, on the brand and its products. I hope you like it:

Don’t forget to drop by and say hi, I really enjoy every view and each single comment…plus new subscribers, of course ;)!