Get ready with me part 3: it is green, green…and more green!

Hi everyone, a while ago I promised to do a “get ready with me” post on this lookIt took me a while to get around to it, and to be honest I didn’t replicate it quite to the detail but the result is pretty similar: a very green makeup look with pink lippies. It’s very much on the cool side of colour choices but those do fit my eyes and skin tone well. You could tweak a thing or two here and there, in case cool tones don’t mix with your features. The main hero of the makeup look really is the Sugaprill Chromalust Lumi:

eye collage

Lumi is a gorgeous white loose eyeshadow with a green-blue shift, which looks amazing on its own, on top of other light colours, or on top of black. I am really addicted to it :)! If you like this colour combo, and would like to try something similar with your green eyeshadow collection, then keep reading. Step 1: step 1 collage To begin with, I applied some concealer (Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer, haha another Lumi) under my eyes and under the highest point of the brow. I like using this technique lately, to lighten up those areas. Afterwards, I appled my e/s base (Art Deco) and a thin layer of the NYX JEP Milk. This always helps with loose e/s, as it gives them a base to stick to. Step 2: step 2 collage Last time I used Sugarpill Tipsy for this look, but I totally forgot that, so this time I used Concrete Minerals Detox: a beautiful mint green with silver sparkles. As you see, I applied that in more or less the middle of the lid. Step 3: step 3 collage Next step is a bit of green in the outer V and crease, in order to facilitate blending in the crease later, when the darker green comes in. I used my Inglot rainbow e/s #109R for that…just take a bit from the lighter hues. Step 4: step 4 collage Of course, let’s have some Lumi! At first, I applied that in the inner corner. Step 5: step 5 collage This step actually consists of several sub-steps, but no worries. Nothing too complicated! To start off, I applied a dark green in the outer V. In my case, Damaged from the UD Vice 2 palette.At this point you can already blend that with the Inglot shade to achieve a smoother transition towards the brow. Then, I lined my waterline and lower lash line with a black kohl pencil (Max Factor). Smudge that a bit to give it a smoked effect. Next, I greedily went back into my Lumi jar and sprinkled that on top of the whole moving lid…yes, also on top of Detox and Damaged…which, sadly, is not very well visible on the photos above. However, that really ties all the colours together and helps to transition between the different green shades and finishes. Moreover, Lumi goes on top of the black liner in the waterline and lower lash line as well. Indeed, that fabulous dark turquoise shade is a result of black covered with Lumi. Lovely isn’t it!? Again smudge that a bit to smoke it out. Last, but not least, wing a liner. I used a black gel liner from Maybelline. Step 6: step 6 collage The very last step is applying a bit of beige, skin colour e/s to blend up towards the brow. I used Inglot #112R. And the finished look: face collage For the rest, I used Missha perfect cover bb cream, Bourjois cream blush #3 Rose Tender, Bourjois Healthy Balance powder and Rimmel lipstick #101 from the Kate Moss lasting finish matte collection. The lipstick looks a bit less bright in person, by the way. To make the look a tad warmer, one could easily substitute the pink blush and lips for coral shades. I don’t really mind the “coolness” of the look, but if you do, this is my alternative suggestion for you 😉 I hope this was helpful or at least it inspired you to pull out your green e/s 🙂 Have a great week! XOXO

Makeup of the day featuring Concrete Minerals, Sugarpill and Inglot

Hi guys,

Again a short makeup of the day post 🙂 I have been really addicted to Sugarpill’s Lumi, and this look was again sort of inspired by it. Nothing special, just greens with purples…a combination I really like and use often in my daily makeup.


I used Concrete Minerals’ Detox (mint green) on the inner 1/3 of the lid, then added Sugarpill’s Chromalust Paperdoll (lavander purple) on second third of the lid.

I covered Detox with the Sugarpill Chromalust Lumi (white with a green-blue shift) to give it a bit of sheen and a hint of blue.

In the outer V and crease areas I used Inglot eyeshadows: Inglot 110R (purples) in the deep crease, and Inglot matte 334 (sort of a magenta pink..?) to blend out the purple towards the brow.

That was the core of the look: simple but colourful 🙂 Just the way I like it!

Makeup of the day: greens take the spotlight

Hello everyone!

To continue on the Sugarpill fever, I’d like to show you a look I did this weekend. It’s all green based, so if you like greens keep reading 🙂

I really wanted to experiment more with Lumi (which I showed in my previous post, so scroll down for more info ;)), because I had been looking forward to getting it for so long, and was absolutely convinced I would love it. I do indeed!!!

I combined Lumi with Tipsy (another one of Sugarpill’s lovely Chromalusts) on the lid, and it turned out really well. Tipsy is a light grass green, which gets a light blue sheen when covered with a layer of Lumi, just splendid. On the lower lash line and waterline, I smudged some black pencil and again, Lumi on top…and tada, you get a totally different colour! Awesome!

What do you think?


Let me know whether you’d be interested in a “get ready with me” post featuring this makeup look 🙂

See you soon!

P.S. Sorry for the weird lighting, I did my photos at a different place in the house…