Makeup of the day: greens take the spotlight

Hello everyone!

To continue on the Sugarpill fever, I’d like to show you a look I did this weekend. It’s all green based, so if you like greens keep reading 🙂

I really wanted to experiment more with Lumi (which I showed in my previous post, so scroll down for more info ;)), because I had been looking forward to getting it for so long, and was absolutely convinced I would love it. I do indeed!!!

I combined Lumi with Tipsy (another one of Sugarpill’s lovely Chromalusts) on the lid, and it turned out really well. Tipsy is a light grass green, which gets a light blue sheen when covered with a layer of Lumi, just splendid. On the lower lash line and waterline, I smudged some black pencil and again, Lumi on top…and tada, you get a totally different colour! Awesome!

What do you think?


Let me know whether you’d be interested in a “get ready with me” post featuring this makeup look 🙂

See you soon!

P.S. Sorry for the weird lighting, I did my photos at a different place in the house…