Sugarpill week. Day 5. A makeup look with Goldilux

Welcome to the 5th and last day of the Sugarpill week 🙂 We have made it to Friday!

The main hero of today’s makeup look is the Chromalust loose eyeshadow Goldilux. Obviously that is a gold shadow and it’s one of Sugarpill’s most loved and popular products.

At first, I wanted to combine the gold with either red or purple  but then all of a sudden I thought of a beautiful green green eyeshadow that I have barely used since I got it: Swamped from Concrete Minerals. Swamped is a gorgeous deep green with a gold undertone…which makes it  perfect to combine with Goldilux 🙂


And full face:


What I used:

  • Essence I love stage e/s base
  • Concrete Minerals e/s Swamped
  • MUG e/s Frappe
  • MUG e/s Beaches and Cream
  • MUG e/s Corrupt
  • MUG pigment Insomnia
  • Essence eyeliner pen
  • Max factor black kohl pencil
  • Max Factor Wild Mega Volume volumising mascara

On another note, if you are a Makeup Geek fan, you may well wonder how Goldilux compares to MUG’s Liquid Gold pigment because they do seem pretty similar. I made a side-by-side swatch, and it turns out they are, after all, not quite the same thing:


MUG’s Liquid Gold has a stronger green undertone as you can see, but I think they are both really pretty 🙂 Don’t you think?

And since this officially is still the Sugarpill week, meet the two new additions to my Sugarpill collection: Tipsy and Darling.


Boozyhsop had them on a 50%-off sale, and I could not resist! Both colours are really “me” colours so they will be well-loved in the future. And, even though the Sugarpill week is over, I will definitely show you looks with them in the future!

I hope you enjoyed my little Sugarpill week series and I will “see” you next week for more makeup adventures!

Have a splendid weekend!



Sugarpill week. Day 4. A makeup look with Paperdoll

And we are on 4 of the Sugarpill week.

When we were talking about Sugarpill, did I fail to mention that this company makes cruelty-free products…sometimes even vegan? Hmm think so…well, now you know! That’s one great thing about indie makeup brands – they tend to like our cute fluffy friends 🙂

Just thought you may want to have this information 😉

The lead in today’s Sugarpill episode goes to the Chromalust loose eyeshadow Paperdoll – a lovely lavender with sparkles. If we were acquainted personally, you’d know I have a soft spot for lavenders


Don’t you just love the cute heart on the package?! I really appreciate it when a company perfects everything to the last detail…even the packaging that will likely end up in the bin as soon as you get your hands on what’s inside. (I am still keeping mine, don’t have the heart to throw it away yet hahaha)

I am a real fan of the lavender-blue combo so that’s how I used Paperdoll today. Oh, and also, glitter stopped by…

But first I’ll show you the no glitter look:



And then all the glitter happened hehe:



It’s a shame glitter doesn’t photograph well….in my hands anyway. If anyone has tips on how to make pretty glitter photos, please oh please leave a comment!!!

Let me know how you like Paperdoll and this look 🙂

What I used to achieve it(minus the glitter….I have something in mind there):

  • Hema e/s base
  • NYX JEP Milk
  • Sugarpill Chromalust loose e/s Paperdoll
  • Inglot rainbow e/s R127
  • MUG e/s Beaches and Cream
  • Concrete Minerals e/s Daydream
  • Sugarpill Electrocute pigment Hellatronic
  • MUG gel liner Electric
  • Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner pen
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara

See you tomorrow for the closing post of the Sugarpill week…featuring some new goodies 😉

Sugarpill week. Day 3. Hellatronic neon sparkling pigment look

Hey guys!

Just when I thought I was sort of done with Sugarpill (for now), they go and do a 50% off sale on boozyshopI am such an addict! I ordered 2 more Chromalust loose eyeshadows…expect and update by Friday 😀

Moving on to day 3…

Today’s guest on the Sugarpill week is Hellatronic: a neon indigo blue pigment charged with mutli-colour glitter. Sounds fun?

Hellatronic is one of the 5 Electrocutes which Sugaprill released not so long ago. A lot of people had problems with these beauties…perhaps because they wanted something that just works in 3 min…well, wrongly set expectations can do that to you! I mean: matte + neon + glitter…Did you really think that will just glide on?!

They take some work, and I guess I am lucky because Hellatronic is not a troublemaker. It causes very minimal fall-out given its nature…it “attaches on” quite well, and the glitter sticks around until you take your makeup off. Me happy!

The look I would like to show you stars not only Hellatronic but also the Poison Plum eyeshadow from Sugarpill’s Burning Heart palette:


I have recently realized that showing only eye photos doesn’t always do enough justice to the makeup, so I will do my best to also have a full face photo featuring the look in the future. Starting today! =>


I love how blue Hellatronic is! If instead of purple, I had used a darker shade of blue, it would have turned out really pretty as well….even more blue! I will definitely try and show you some time.

I didn’t wing a liner, because I thought the look was already pretty dramatic, but maybe it would have made it even better…what do you guys think?

List of products used:

  • Hema e/s base
  • NYX JEP Milk
  • Sugarpill Electrocute pigment Hellatronic
  • Sugarpill e/s Poison Plum
  • Concrete Minerals e/s Jezbel
  • Sugarpill Chromalust loose e/s Paperdoll
  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on-pencil Rockstar
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara