Random makeup looks

Hi guys!

Ever since I made an Instagram account (which you can find here), I sort of stopped doing makeup look posts on the blog. And since some of you probably don’t follow my Instagram/Facebook pages, I decided to show you some of my personal favourites from the last weeks 🙂

Let’s see, where shall we start…

Today’s makeup seems like a good start.


I am hopelessly in love with Ermahgerd! from Darling Girl Cosmetics. It’s pastel orange with a green-silvery shift going on. Just to die for! I did tell you that out of fear that DG may discontinue this shade, I got a back up of it. I mean, you never know with small indie brands. One day your favourite shade is there, the next one…BAM, gone! I didn’t want to risk it 🙂

In the outer corner I used an eyeshadow I haven’t showed you officially yet, it’s called Dressed-to-kill, by Fyrinnae. It’s a gorgeous oliver green loaded with gold sparkles, very pretty!

full face_1 full face_2

The next look is blue-purple with a new shade I got from a sale by Concrete Minerals recently. The shade is called Angel Dust and it’s really lovely, actually exceeded my expectations. It’s a duochrome, supposedly shifting between lilac and aquamarine. I find it to be pink rather than purple, but beautiful nonetheless. It looks very flattering and the duochrome is definitely visible!

eye_1 full face_3

I also used Unity by CM on the outer half of the lid. To make the transition between Angel Dust and Unity a bit smoother, I sprinkled some Sugaprill Lumi in the middle of the lid. On the lower lash line used Sugaprill Hellatronic.

The next look is really colourfull, but I did love wearing it quite a bit!

eye_3 full face_2

Purple and  mint green is one of my all time favourite combos. The purple is actually a sample gift  I received with a Fyrinnae order some time ago. It is hands down one of the most intense, bright and gorgeous purples I have ever had. It’s called Debonair, in case you want to go to the Fyrinnae website asap and order kilos of it! hehe. The mint green shade is also Fyrinnae => Jade Ghost.

And for the next two looks, I go back to the stunning duochromes of Dargling Girl Cosmetics.

eye_3 full face_3

Dirty Limerick is such a gorgeous complex shade. It is lime, it is turquoise, it is reddish-brown…simply magical. To intensify the lime green even more, I applied Concrete Minerals Toxic pro matte shade in the inner corner. I would use any excuse to dive into Hellatronic, and since using it as a lid colour is not an everyday option, I like using it as an accent in my looks…mostly the lower lash line.

Basket Case is the last duochrome I would like to show you today. It’s purple with a very strong turquoise shift. I am really loving this shade!


I think you can even see the duochrome effect on the photos. Ah, just ah! L-O-V-E!!!

Well, those were my latest makeup looks and I hope you found something in there to inspire you tomorrow when you do your makeup ;)..Or sparkle your interest in indie makeup brands.

I have been thinking of doing a get-ready-with-me post soon, using loose eyeshadows from indie brands…what do you think? Let me know if there is a brand or an eyeshadow you are particularly interested in! 🙂 Also, general questions in that respect are more than welcome!

Till soon!


Double-winged liner for the brave-hearted :)

Hello everyone!

To continue on my newly-developed love for a double-winged liner, which I shortly mentioned in my previous blog post, I thought I might as well show you a makeup look with it.


There are several aspects I really enjoy about the double-winged liner…meaning by the way, I wing it 😉 both on the moving lid and the lower lash line (there are, of course other ways to rock a double wing).

First of all, it ain’t boring! You have to agree that although the classic winged liner never goes out of style, every now and then, one needs variety. And if it all comes down to just extending that lower lash line a notch, well, why not say I!?


Secondly, I am jealous…I am jealous of women with beautiful, big, almond-shaped eyeballs…yes, you! I AM JELLY, deal with it 😛 My eyes are not of spectacular size or shape, so any little trick to augment them is of interest. The double-winged liner does make my eyes appear bigger and more extended, hence I vote FOR 😉 Believe me, photos don’t do it enough justice, but this makeup look really suits round-shaped eyes.


And the thing is, that you can tweak this look to be as dramatic, as you wish for it to be. I kept the moving lid pretty neutral, and I put the accent on the lower lash line…including the extra wing. You can easily do both wings dark for extra wow and drama…make them longer or shorter….one long, one short. The sky is your limit, as they say!

What I used:

  • Art Deco e/s base
  • MUG e/s Shimma Shimma
  • MUG e/s Homecoming
  • MUG e/s Bada Bing
  • MUG e/s Frappe
  • MUG e/s Beaches and Cream
  • Sugarpill e/s Tipsy
  • Sugarpill e/s Starling
  • Sugarpill e/s Stella
  • Hema chalky e/s (blue)
  • Essence eyeliner pen
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara

Let me know how you like the double-winged liner and how you like to experiment with your liner altogether. I’d be glad to pick up some more ideas 🙂


Experimental makeup: Poisonous Apple

Hello hello!

It has been a while since I felt the “experimental tickles”. But recently, I did…so I played around, and created something which immediately made me think of the Evil Queen from Snow White. Hence, the name of the makeup look: Poisonous Apple. I don’t know…maybe you will see something different. If you do, let me know 😉

I always have fun with those crazy looks and all the fine work I get to practice with them.

collage 1

Another novelty is that I am finally making photos with my new camera and using a newer version of Photoshop. I can switch to using RAW format instead of JPEG, but as I am such an amateur, it might take me a while to get all the settings right.

Looking at the final result, I think my skin looks freakishly pale. Funny enough, it works quite well with this look…it gives me that extra “evilness” hahaha.

collage 2

Most of the products I used are Sugarpill (Chromalusts: Tipsy and Goldilux, and the red e/s is Love+ from the Burning Heart palette). I focused mainly on the red and green colours, i.e the apple.

The liner was inspired by a picture I saw on the makeupgeek website a while back. Minus the inner points, I am actually quite digging the double liner lately…it takes a little longer, of course, so I don’t do it very often, but every now and then it’s a fresh alternative to the regular winged liner 🙂 It elongates the eye even more, and really gives you that “cat eye” look. Try it!

After all this experimental craziness, I promise some more “normal” makeup looks in the following days. Also, stop by for my KIKO haul and review. Turns out there is a KIKO makeup store in Cologne…and only 1,5h separate us hahaha

See you soon!