Skin Care Routine & Chit Chat

Hi guys! Last year, I had a series of blog posts entitled “Let’s Talk Skincare” (parts 1,2 and 3), where I talked extensively about the products that I use, ingredients, and my opinion on some of the of the more controversial components in our skin care. While I am quite willing to experiment with makeup, I am in fact, quite conservative when it comes to taking care of my skin. For the most part, if something works, I stick with it! Therefore, if you have read my posts from last year, you will see a lot of recurring products. The reason I filmed a video about my skin care routine, is that I have received a lot of compliments over the past year on the condition of my skin…something that would have never happened 2 years ago. So, to ask everyone’s questions on what has worked for me lately (without claiming it is a foolproof protocol!), I decided to just record a video. It is by all means quite long, but keep in mind, that I still failed to say a lot of things…just for the sake of time and not making this video as long as a full feature movie ;).

You can watch it here, if you are interested:

See you soon!


November 2014 Empties feat Max Factor, Olaz, Alverde…and more!!!

Hello dear people!

An itsy-bitsy late empties video 🙂 I didn’t really have all that many last month to begin with, but still a decent amount worth discussing. Nothing more to say, so I leave you with the video.

Here is link:

What did you use up last month?