UD Vice 2 month: makeup look featuring Strike, Coax, Betrayal and Voodoo

Hi everyone!

I have been a bit slow these days. I mean, things are happening…but on sort of slow motion heh. That includes the makeup looks I promised you with the UD Vice 2 palette, which I reviewed in my previous post.

The good thing about having a blog though is that I am the Queen and Dictator here, this is my space…so I write whenever I have time, and about whatever I please. Blogs give one a fake sense of power, and I am totally drunk on mine hahaha

Well then, on to the look. I will do my best to create all the looks using only this palette, because that is perhaps the best way to convince you that it is indeed a very complete palette. 

The dominating theme in this makeup look is pink/purple. I wanted to start off this series using my favourite eyeshadows from the Vice 2 palette, and Coax is definitely the star among those. I am not sure why, it just is 🙂 I have a thing for pinks!


I used Strike in the inner 1/3 of the lid, then Coax in the centre, and Betrayal on the outer 1/3. To give the crease some depth, I applied Voodoo and blended that up towards the brow bone with X-Rated and Habit. After I winged a liner with the Maybelline gel liner, I used Lovesick to set it and at the same time add a bit of sprakle. That is something I really enjoy lately: setting my liner with eyeshadows that have glitter (such as Lovesick and Stella from Sugarpill).


Despite being colourful, the look turned out pretty wearable…in my humble opinion 😛

I am not sure that was the best lipstick to go with this eye makeup, but I was in a hurry, so I grabbed the first close-enough lipstick, which was Essence Love Me. 

Stay tuned for more makeup (not necessarily UD Vice 2 palette-based) in the coming days!!!