Sammi-Sue’s Dandelion makeup tutorial feat Darling Girl and Notoriously Morbid

Hello everyone!

Did you already get tired of tutorials?! 😛 I sure hope not, because I am having too much making them and for now I’ll keep’em coming. There will of course be other videos in the meantime (feel free to leave suggestions!!!).

Yellow and purple is probably one of my all time favourite combinations, but surprisingly it has never appeared on my blog before…How bizarre???!?!? (Or it has and I don’t remember it anymore oeps! The woman doesn’t even know her own blog lol). Again, most of the eyeshadows used were indie – as usual Darling Girl and one shadow from Notoriously Morbid. DG has been present in every tutorial so far, but that should not come as a shock to any of you, given that I have proclaimed my eternal love for this small company on several occasions, both here and on the youtubez ;).

Enough blabla here, you are most welcome btw! The link to me blabla-ing live:

See you soon!!!