Review and swatches: Bourjois cream-to-powder blushes

Hi everyone!

Here it is, finally, my review of the Bourjois cream blushes that I have mentioned countless times in my posts. I don’t know why I didn’t do this much earlier, as I am such a big fan of these blushes..and blush in general really. I mean who isn’t?!…A well applied, appropriate colour in combination with a bit of highlighter on the cheekbones can give one’s cheeks a beautiful glow. And if you were to go the extra mile, you could also contour with a matte bronzer for that extra shape and definition.

Non-powder blushes have become extremely popular the last few years. They come in all sorts of consistencies, packagings and colours…from liquid to creamy, from bottles to sticks, from deep reds to neutrals. A treat for just about everyone 😉

Bourjois came out with their version last year (or the year before that, I could be lying): 4 shades in a cream-to-powder formulation. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of it a cream, is it a powder…What kind of an animal is this?!?!?! So, I tried…

And I was sold! I don’t have all the shades, but I guess 3 out of 4 should suffice for a decent review.

all closed all opened

 The blushes, as you see, come in very compact packaging. They open with a little click, and there is also a tiny mirror, which can come in handy for application on-the-go.


01 Nude Velvet can best be described as a a neutral peachy colour. I think this one is my personal favourite…I love the others too, but this one is sooooo universal. Due to its sort of neutral character, I reach for it all the time. It gives the cheeks a wonderful glow!

nude velvet

02 Healthy Glow is a similar to Nude Velvet but more salmon-orange. It definitely isn’t nude!

healthy glow

03 Rose Tender is more of a cool-toned pink. It looks very natural…you really get pink cheeks with it!

rose tender

All three blushes are very pigmented and have tiny shimmer…not the type that makes you feel like a glitter bomb, but the very subtle one.

The cream-to-powder formula is actually very pleasant. It gives this silky, smooth finish and natural glow. You can build up the colour to as pigmented as you want it. The application is super easy….just use your fingers! If you prefer a brush, that works well too. A foundation brush buffs these guys very nicely into the skin.

On top of my bb cream, and set with a bit of powder, the Bourjois cream blushes last at least 5-6 hours on me. I find that pretty satisfactory 🙂

I have had these blushes for a good half a year now, and they have not dried out at all…they are just as creamy as the day I got them.

To be honest, I sort of pushed aside my beloved powder blushes (even my Tarte ones!!!) for these Bourjois beauties 🙂 Overall, really in love with them and would highly recommend ja-ja 😛

Have you tried the Bourjois cream blushes too? What do you think about them? Which is your favourite colour?

4 thoughts on “Review and swatches: Bourjois cream-to-powder blushes

  1. At first I didn’t like my Bourjois cream-to-powder blush, but now I think is a good product. The usage is a little bit tricky, but I am getting better 🙂
    Thank you! You are the reason I’ve tried my one 🙂

    • Oh I am glad you ended up liking it :), since I was the one who convinced you to get it!

      Аз с пръст слагам няколко “точки” по бузката и после лекичко го разнасям…и с четка за фдт също става, но и с нея пипай леко, за де не отнемеш много от цвета. 🙂

      • С пръсти постигам по-добър резултат. Освен това ми се свиди с четка – такива са бебета тези ружове 🙂

      • хахаха бебета са да….ооо аз по същата процедура карам и с четката..първо нанасям с пръсти няколко “точки” и после разнасям с четка. Пръстите се цапат и в двата случая…Иначе четката прекалено много продукт ще отнеме, и наистина ще е жалко за и без това малкото количество.

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