MUG (Makeup Geek) eyeshadow day and review

Today’s post will be dedicated to MUG (makeup geek) eyeshadows. I will show you the two looks I did and tell you a bit more about the eyeshadows themselves. It is always helpful to have an idea of not only how the product looks in the pan, or on swatches, but also how it feels when you start applying it. I have been playing with my MUG collection for quite a while now, so a bit more detailed review is due.



Let’s talk about the eyeshadows in order of appearance 🙂

Pixie Dust (moving lid) is simply gorgeous! It must be among the closest to my heart eyeshadows from MUG. On the makeup geek website the colour is described as “shimmery lime green” which is perhaps the most accurate way to describe it…it’s like yellow gold with a very strong green tone. This eyeshadow is very good quality: pigmented, smooth, blend-able and stays on well.

– Bitten (crease) is a maroon-y matte colour. I can only say good things about this eyeshadow. It is very pigmented and easy to blend. Another favourite!

– Envy (liner upper lid) is a very dark green, almost black green, with very pretty green shimmer. I use this eyeshadow very often which probably says more than enough about it. As you can see, apart from its use as an eyeshadow, it works beautifully as a liner too 😉

Peacock (lower liner) is a matte dark blue (teal blue) colour. I have used it as crease colour and a liner, and it works well. It is an interesting colour, not my favourtie blue, but definitely different. I also put a stroke of the Essence Flashy Aqua crystal liner on top for a pop of glitter 🙂

– Shimma Shimma (inner corner and under highest point of the brow) is a champagne shimmery colour. I love it! It is pigmented, smooth, just beautiful. Don’t be looks absolutely amazing as a wash on the lid as well. A true multifunctional eyeshadow!

– Beaches and Cream (blending under the brow) is a matte skin, beige-peach of sorts colour. It is great for blending purposes, it does the job well, so I give it a two thumbs up. It is a must-have basic shadow.

Well, that more or less covers it for the first look…let’s move on to the second one =>



– Appletini (moving lid) is a shimmery light green with tiny flecks of gold. It is a beautiful eyeshadow. It applies well, it’s pigmented and looks just so pretty on the lid…so soft. Me like!

– Mango Tango (crease) is a matte peach-y…coral-y colour. On the website they say it has flecks of gold. I have not seen those so me it feels like a matte colour. Not a problem really. Ah, I have some issues with this eyeshadow when applied on the lid…it doesn’t stay on for very long. Maybe it’s just me…with a different primer, or on someone else’s skin, it may be better. Pity, because I actually adore this colour!

– Poolside (lower lash line) is a bright shimmery teal blue with golden flecks (this time I confirm..they are there!!!) I will be a bit more critical with this eyeshadow. The colour is simply gorgeous but….if I use it on the lid, it just does not stay on. When I pat it on the lid with a shader brush, it feels like I am patting it on and removing it at the same time. And I cannot do a wash of colour…the second I do a sweep with the brush, I just sweep the shadow along with it. So, in the end whatever I do, it looks sort of patchy… no Poolside on the lid for me…An idea: maybe with a base underneath…like the NYX JEP in Milk..hmm will try and let you know!

Ok, that ended up being a very long post. I hope some of you find it useful 🙂

In any case, I will continue this MUG eyeshadow review as I go, so expect more of that in the future.

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