Bdellium Green Bamboo Smoky Eye Brush Set: review and use

I heard someone once say that you can make any eyeshadow work, even a crappy one, as long as you have good brushes. My experience is yet far too limited to comment on this appropriately, but I do love me a good brush. Hence the topic of today: brushes!

A while ago I came across a company that makes brushes whilst browsing through the (another online makeup store, they actually ship worldwide, not only in the Netherlands). I was instantly attracted for three reasons:

1. Funky name: Bdellium tools (the b- is silent so save yourself the trouble of trying to twist your tongue to pronounce bd-ellium ;))

2. The brushes come in all sorts of pretty colours: green, yellow, pink…

3. The brushes are eco-friendly AND the bristles are supposedly anti-bacterial (for a freak, such as myself, that’s actually a major selling point).

So I decided to give them a go. I chose the Bdellium Green Bamboo Smoky Eye Brush Set (price is €26,95 without delivery costs). You get these 5 brushes:


The handles are made of bamboo, and the bristles are synthetic…veeeery soft! I have used the brushes regularly in the past several months and can honestly say that I do like them a lot. They are a dream to clean, either with brush cleaning solutions or the old-fashioned way, with baby shampoo and lukewarm water! They do not shed at all (and I clean them on more or less daily basis, immediately after use).

To illustrate how I use them, I made a little tutorial and discussed each brush individually. I did a neutral look using my Shimmer cubes from The Body Shop (#06) (beautiful beautiful eyeshadow quad by the way!!! I bought it especially to do my wedding makeup and I absolutely love it…great quality!). But to get back to the point:









I just want to add one more thing about the angled contour brush:


So, I hope that was helpful! I think you can use these 5 babies in many many ways, and as far as eye brush sets go, this one is quite complete and diverse.

If it were up to me though, I would definitely substitute the angled contour brush for a blending brush (something similar to the MAC 217), and modify the smoky eyeliner brush in more of a pencil brush (more sturdy bristles).

I would definitely want to try their face brushes too, the reviews seem very promising from what I have seen.

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

P.S. I just noticed that has a 20% off sale on Bdellium tools right now, in case you are interested in their products.

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