Review: Hema eyeshadow base

Hello everyone!

This is going to be my last blog post for 2013. I have been planning a review of this product for such a long time but somehow never got around to writing it. In a way, I am glad it turned out this way. Ending the year with a post about my favourtie eyeshadow base seems very appropriate.

I have previously talked about eyeshadow bases and how very, very important they are. Running the risk of repeating myself, I will say it again nonetheless: one cannot be serious about makeup, and not use an eyeshadow primer. (FYI, eyeshadow primer = eyeshadow base)

I would like to mention that the product I will discuss in this post is unfortunately only available in the Netherlands (maybe Germany??) because the brand, called Hema, is sort of a local thing.

Hema is a store which basically offers a bunch of things ranging from food to cosmetics. I am not quite sure at which point it happened, but let’s say recently, Hema upgraded their makeup section with a brand-new line of products. Brushes, eyeshadows, blushes..all…including an eyeshadow base…Curious?

I didn’t really know what to expect for €3,50 from a brand which is in no way dedicated to makeup, like say Urban Decay. I say Urban Decay because their Primer Potion is sort of my holy grail when it comes to eyeshadow bases 😉

It was inexpensive, and I had previous positive experience with the Hema makeup base, so I figured it’s worth al least trying.

The Hema eyeshadow base comes in a lipgloss-like packaging:



It has creamy consistency which feels very silky. Upon application on the skin it basically is colourless, but has a bit of shine.


At first it seems greasy but then it quickly dries, as to allow further makeup application. I would even say it turns “too” dry and sometimes makes blending a tad difficult…but maybe that’s just me. I solve this by applying something creamier on top, as a second base (e.g, the NYX JEPs). Why, you may wonder, do I go through so much trouble and insist on wearing this base then???

Here comes the really good part 🙂 With the Hema e/s base my makeup lasts for 8-10 creasing, no fading! Seriously, this longevity I have achieved with only one other base, the Urban Decay Primer Potion. And do keep in mind, my eyelids get oily and creasing is a major issue for me…Well, not any more!

Given the price and the easy access I have to the Hema e/s base (the store is around the corner), my only hope is that this product will remain around for a long, long time!

What is your experience with the Hema eyeshadow base?

Before I leave you, let me wish you all a great night tomorrow and a splendid new year. Let’s continue talking about makeup in 2014!!!

3 thoughts on “Review: Hema eyeshadow base

    • Noooooo!!!! I am shocked and appalled 😛 hahah. Since I discovered e/s bases, I cannot go back! The colours of e/s come out better, not to mention they last longer on my lids. You should try 😉 XXX

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