Update on my review of the Essence longlasting lipsticks featuring some new shades!!!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the absence, but I was having a really great time with some awesome people these past days. They also brought me a fantastic present, totally blew my away…let’s save that for later though 😉 :P!

For now, I’d like to show you some new Essence longlasting lipsticks that I hoarded for my collection last weekend. Two of them are in fact brand-new additions to the whole family! I didn’t even know Essence were coming out with new shades and then, out of the blue, bam!, two new babies appeared in the world. I loved them both, so I also got both haha.

Also, if you are interested, I have another blog post about a bunch of the older collection Essence longlasting lipsticks, which you can read here

These are the three shades I have not shown before on the blog:




So, Blush my Lips and Love Me are the new shades. Gorgeous, right?!

Now, let’s discuss them one by one 🙂

#04 On the Catwalk! is a stunning deep red with sort of a brown undertone, which looks really flattering, especially, if you are afraid of bright red lipstick (like I am), but still want to rock the red lips every now and then. Click here to see how it looks with full-on makeup 🙂


# 12 Blush my Lips is a pretty bright, I’d say cyclamen colour, or bold pink leaning towards the purple side, if you will. I am finding it hard to describe…Hmm, the only thing I will point out about this lipstick is that it is quite bright. It calls for very, very subtle eye makeup.


#13 Love Me is like the twin brother, but not identical twin, of Natural Beauty. I really like it, because for me this lipstick is also on the neutral side, but, unlike Natural Beauty which leans more towards neutral brown, Love Me tends to be more pink. Two lovely lipsticks for the neutral lovers amongst us!

Side-by-side swatch:


Love Me on the lips:


I, of course could not help myself and immediately tried it out in a makeup look as well:




As with all lipsticks from this collection, the new shades are also very soft on the lips, not drying at all,  and overall just really pleasant to wear. As for their longlasting potential, well, they are not exactly the type of lipsticks that will still be on your lips after an 8-hour work day…personally, I don’t find that a deal breaker 😉

The price remains the same, a mere €2,39 for each of these beauties.

Have you tried the new shades? What do you think about them?

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